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The house decorated for Halloween 10/3/16 We had a somewhat rainy summer, but not too much hot weather. There were only 4 days above 90. July was very rainy with over 9.5" in total. August and September were also a little above normal. We had an early start to Fall. Our first heating day was September 27th. We didn't get our first frost until October 13th. Leaves October 15 2016

The leaves turned colors early and windy weather early in September month knocked a lot of leaves off the trees. There are some stragglers, I've been able to take some nice foliage photos even this late. Leaves September 29 2016

great crested flycatcher 7/02/16 Birding this Summer and in migration season has been spotty. By now, we normally have some Swans, Geese and Ducks on the lake, but so far almost nothing on the lakes but a few Wood Ducks, a young Common Loon and some Pied-billed Grebes. We did have a few spectacular birds in the Summer. One was the Great Crested Flycatcher on July 20.

We only had one brood of Barn Swallows and most pictures are of birds in shadow on the nest but here is a nice one in the trees. barn swallow 7/3/16 We had had a nice view of a female Scarlet Tanager. On a local farm barely a mile from our home. After a very poor migration season we've had the Harris's Sparrow and Fox Sparrow show up in the last few days.

Harris's Sparrow 10172016
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