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The house in Belgrade this February We've moved again, as of May 1, 2020. We are in Belgrade in Stearns County. We've done this mostly to cut our costs; but dealing with Winter on a farm property is no long much fun. We ended up renting with the same person who we rented from when we were on Lake Beauty. On the to left is a photo of the house in February before we moved in. To the right is a photo of a defunct church that is right next to the house we are renting and owned by the landlord. It was a Swedish church when it was built but by the time it was closed it was a Methodist church. Abandoned church 6/12/2020

I've taken photos of some of buildings in the immediate area. I like the look of late afternoon sun on the buildings. House with flag 6/12/2020

Living in a small town has some advantages. We have several small restaurants nearby including an excellent Mexican restaurant. There is a post office, a hardware store and a small bakery within walking distance but since we get so many package we normally use a car to go to the post office. VFW post 6/13/2020

Brown Thrasher 5/14/2020 Birding here is only a little better than at the farmhouse. So, we have kept on visiting wildlife areas near Watkins which have given fewer Yellow-headed Blackbirds than in previous yes We blame the drought - no water, no insects, no birds.

We did manage to see a Brown Thrasher on one of our trips, along with the Trumpeter Swans. Trumpter Swans 4/19/2020 Quite a lot of local land is set aside as breeding land for ducks and geese. a Mallard pair 4/19/2020

We didn't see many Warblers this year, so the Black and White was a joy to see. We did photograph a few Yellow-headed Blackbirds, even if we saw far fewer than we have in the past. Black-and-white Warbler 5/13/2020

Yellow-headed Blackbird 5/27/2020
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