Mr. Blue

1997 - 2003

Sierra and Friend We first met Mr Blue in autumn 1997. He was residing in temporary quarters at the Paterson Bird Store in Totowa, NJ. We offered him permanent abode and his agents accepted for him. That was when we were living in Bloomfield, NJ.

When we picked up stakes and moved to Annandale, NJ, Mr. Blue decided to stay with us. Quarters were not perfect but he isn't a stickler for detail.
Mr Blue (originally called "Sky Blue" but Mr. Blue seemed better) is a professional parakeet. He spends his days running the upstairs of the house and leaves the downstairs to Sierra.

Mr. Blue left us on May 1, 2003. He had been in declining health for about a month. We assume that he was about a year old when he came to us, so he could have been about 7 years old when he left us.

Mr Blue on March 16 2003 Mr Blue on March 16 2003

Mr on his cage Mr Blue on March 16 2003